Reinforcement of the management.

With Markus Daschinger (COO) & Patric Fend-Kühne (CSO), the management level is getting support.

Markus Daschingere CSO Chief Sales Officer remes GmbH

Markus Daschinger

Chief Operation Officer (COO)

Markus Daschinger has been working at remes GmbH in Erding since 2008. He was appointed Chief Operating Officer (COO) in August 2023. He was previously Head of Hardware Automotive Test Systems.

“It is with great gratitude that I will be able to contribute my experience of more than 15 years at remes GmbH in the areas of project, development and team management in the future as COO on the management board.the development of the company in the past allows us to look positively into the future.the basis for this is created by all colleagues, whose motivation and ambition will continue to help us to be successful in our work in the future.”

Patric Fend-Kuehne C

Patric Fend-Kühne

Chief Sales Officer (CSO)

Patric Fend-Kühne has been working at remes GmbH in Erding since 2020. He was appointed Chief Sales Officer (CSO) in August 2023. He previously headed up the sales team as Head of Sales.

“I am delighted with the trust the owners have placed in me and the increased responsibility I now have as CSO in the management team. There are so many great opportunities and possibilities ahead for remes to continue to grow and prosper. Let’s get on with it!”

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