Clemens Luber (CEO) focuses on sustainable growth and satisfied employees.

remes GmbH is a company with a long history and tradition. We have been in the industry for over 35 years and have always focused on healthy and sustainable growth. We not only attach importance to the development of our product portfolio, but also to the satisfaction of our employees.

We see ourselves as a trusted partner for sites worldwide and work closely with our customers to develop customized solutions. In doing so, we rely on state-of-the-art technologies and always keep our finger on the pulse.


Patric Fend-Kuehne C

Patric Fend-Kühne,
CSO (Chief Sales Officer)

Markus Daschingere CSO Chief Sales Officer remes GmbH

Markus Daschinger,
COO (Chief Operating Officer)

Strengthening of the management team

Since August 2023, Markus Daschinger starts as COO (Chief Operating Officer) and Patric-Fend Kühne as CSO (Chief Sales Officer). Both join the management team of the remes GmbH.


Headquarters Erding

The company moves into new headquarters in Erding

Successful certification according to ISO 9001.



Start of a new chapter

With the ground-breaking ceremony for the new building at Kletthamer Feld in Erding, remes starts a new chapter in the company’s history.



Clemens Luber becomes Managing Director

remes now has 30 employees.


As authorized signatory, Wolfgang Rapp is in charge of the control unit development division

remes now has 20 employees.


Peter Hangl becomes a member of the management as authorized signatory

He is in charge of quality assurance systems. The software for operating the QA systems is structured and given the name “ASCOT” (AuftagsSpezifisches COmponenten Testsystem). remes now has 10 employees.


First series of test systems

for quality assurance for doors
and seats. First control unit
for special functions in the special vehicle (8 employees*).



Move to Lukasmühle

With five employees now. In addition to the previous area of responsibility, the new focus is on supplying transmission test benches with automatic gearshift systems.


Move to Parkstraße

From the 1 room apartment to the former hairdresser’s salon in Parkstraße 28. remes now has 4 permanent employees.


Mr. Peter Hangl joins remes

He begins work on DIGISKOP and a test system for one of the world’s first motorcycle ABS.


Company founder

Company founded by Dr. Josef Luber

Its goal is to provide tools for development departments. The company’s first headquarters are at Zugspitzstrasse 80 in Altenerding. Developments include the DIGISKOP and software for a test system for quality assurance on the instrument panel.